Pot of Gold Hertford Rainbow

Pot of Gold Hertford Rainbow

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£26 with all profits going straight to our local NHS trust.

“So lockdown inevitably came. Staying home, retrieving essentials, appreciating the small things. Time seemed suspended somehow.

But creativity blossomed. Projects started to take shape. A rainbow for Hertford formed to add a touch of colour. Meeting Emma, Clare and Nick at the Brothership – at 2 metres, naturally. The fulfilment of fulfilment; delivering rainbows to local homes paid with hundreds of smiles and hammering boards onto Lussman's Restaurant under the cover of night. Hearing voices on local radio and seeing artwork on TV. A visual journey from Stevenage’s Franta Belsky's Joy Ride statue to Ware’s waterside, Cheshunt’s actual Old Pond to Waltham’s Cross and its Eleanor of Castile ancestry. All under one greater rainbow.

So now we approach the end, the pot of gold? The NHS. What would we be without it?” - Paul Crowley 

This A3 unframed print is designed by Paul Crowley, printed by HD print and facilitated, sold and distributed by the tribe here at Brothership. Please help us reach our £50,000 target by purchasing one today!