Collection: Nick Shipton

Nick Shipton hanging work at Brothership StudioNick is based in Brothership Studio at Bull Plain.

Soon after being thrown out of art school in the early 90's Nick Shipton was told to go and become a full time artist. He also spent most evenings DJ’ng in London’s West End for Steve Strange and many other prominent club nights.

Realising that his home town was missing what he was driving into London nightly for, he went on a mission to open his own bar with a view of bringing together all of the elements learnt at art school and DJ’ng. Elbert Wurlings opened in Hertford Easter 1996. 

Ten years later he opened the Hertford House Hotel which is still in operation. A further ten years on and Nick has come full circle with his journey focusing back on art and the Brothership project as it stands today, up from out of the basement of the hotel to the Hertford high street ... now a collaborative space featuring many other artists and small brands! 

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