Collection: Naomi Jayne

Naomi is based at our St Andrew Street Art Gallery.

“I have been consumed by an obsession for art now for many years, an obsession and love that would render me utterly miserable were I to attempt anything else! I have a very active mind that can only be calmed by the soothing action of charcoal or paint flowing across a surface, therefore art has managed to preserve a little of my mind and given me an outlet to show the person that I truly am without having to hide behind the mask of a persona. 

Art has carried me through several Earth shattering situations, such as major surgery and trauma, and I have been able to find a calming peace, stillness and happiness that exists within me, that perhaps I would have never been able to dig out if it weren't for my discovery of this medium of expression. 

I am fascinated by people and their stories, and by creating portraits I attempt to capture a little of the magical and unique essence that lives within all of us.”

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