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Jessamine is based in Brothership Studio at Bull Plain.

Jessamine Lynch (1999) is a contemporary abstract artist whose current body of work presents a study of self-reflection, which articulates her sense of self into ethereal visualisations through the form of oil paintings. After graduating with a First-Class Honours Degree in Fine Art at Loughborough University, she was awarded the “One to Watch” award by Alyssa Dabbs Art.

“Painting is a self-therapizing process that enables me to address my own anxieties and share my intrinsic vulnerabilities with others. The act of painting is both a physical and emotional pursuit, preceded by an exploration of colour, that induces a subliminal reflection into myself in search of my own inner truth”.

Growing up with significant hearing loss, Lynch struggles to navigate her surroundings audibly and heavily relies on the visual as a dominant sense of perception, which she accentuates through colour within her paintings to reflect her emotional sensibilities. Applying her own taxonomy of colour, has enabled Jessamine to visually articulate parts of herself, through macro studies of colour, which she cannot express verbally. Building depth within her paintings is paramount to her practice as she is interested in constructing a heuristic body of cathartic self-portraits which viewers can receive intimately through an immersive transaction. 

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